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«A lot of Potential is left in individualisation! »


As a hockey player, I have dreamed all my career to be coached individually, to share the secrets of the game with a mentor, who would watch my games and help me to get better. Even though we all were professional players, we all had the same off-ice and on-ice practices all year long, summer and winter. I know ice hockey is a team sport, but at the end of the day, each individual player in the team makes that team better. And each player has his own position on the ice, his own body and mind, his own strengths he should put into play and his own weaknesses his should try to «bypass». 

Even today, even in the big leagues, the potential for individualisation is huge. 



Why? The reasons are simple. The first one is because you need time to devote to the individual, the athlete. And today, teams don’t invest enough time to make the individual players better. It is already very time consuming to coach the whole team! Which (being still part of the Swiss National Team coaching staff as a video coach) I understand well! Another reason is because of the lack of a good «individualisation tool». So despite the fact that some athletes have personal coaches or skills coaches (which I think is great), their training method is very often based on the same technique or the same methods. Same drills, same shooting techniques. Most of the time after physical tests are done, as a consequence the athlete is told to work on his «disbalance» so that his weaknesses «even up».

use your preferences

«We think different…»

We think different. We believe you should work on your strengths more than on your weaknesses. Because putting your strengths into play will help you to succeed at the top level. You will not succeed thanks to your weaknesses! I have always been someone who likes to learn and develop new things. During my ice hockey career, I was one of a very few players who played and studied at the university (Sports Science) at the same time. After my career (some ten years ago), I was fortunate to find interesting and challenging jobs in hockey. I was an Instructor Coach for the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation for a few years and I had different coaching jobs in Youth and Pro hockey. My main job was in the field of coaches education. I also had the opportunity to follow further educations in different areas. One of them was typology. The first day I discovered the typology approach of Action Types© it was for me like an epiphany. I knew right away it had great potential and needed to be developed for ice hockey!

«Are you ready to make your next step?»

It became my passion for the last 5 years and I developed it watching and coaching different athletes for thousands of hours. I am still learning and discovering new things every day! 

The individual approach we use and the profilings methods we have developed are unique in ice hockey. It is not magic, but if you, as a player, are ready and willing to take your next step, the individualisation method we have created and experienced will for sure contribute to your success. If you are ready to learn your profile, to use your preferences and to take the next step, we should meet soon in the curriculum we created for YOU! 

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